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Teaching and Learning


Thinking more.
Taking less.

As educators, we have a chance to prepare students to keep Central Florida the great place to live that it is now — and ensure it’s still a great place to live for their children’s children. We are preparing the future leaders of our community. We have an opportunity to help students understand our connection to the larger global community and get them to think critically about the delicate balance needed to sustain our economic, environmental, social and cultural capital.

Valencia Sample Lesson Plans

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Donna Brown Reading and writing ENC 0027 Developmental Reading and Writing II 2017
James Vrhovac English Composition ENC 1101 Freshman Composition I 2017
Deana Kalakay Management MAN 2021 Principals of Management 2017
Peter Furlong Philosophy PHI 2600 Ethics and Critical Thinking 2017
A.J. Lash Sociology SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology 2017
Christopher Swafford Digital Media Technology DIG 200C Introduction to Digital Media and Design 2017
Debby Fahey Nursing NUR 1401C NURSING III (Pediatrics, Mother/Baby, Women’s Health) 2017
Faulys Ponceano Mathematics MAT 0022C Developmental Math Combined 2017
Frank Maier Mathematics MAT 0022C Developmental Math Combined 2017
Jim Belcher Environmental Science EVR 1001 Environmental Science 2017
Radu Bunea Engineering Technologies

ETS 12100C Introduction to Photonics

Shahin Kanani Biology BSC 1020 Human Biology 2017
Steven Browdy Mathematics MAC 1105 College Algebra 2017
Other Disciplines
Dana Hankins Law PLA 2800C Family Law 2017
Richard Williams New Student Experience SLS 1122 New Student Experience 2017

Sustainability is a multi-faceted concept that impacts our daily lives, engages our students, and can enrich any classroom curriculum

Hear how some Valencia faculty are infusing sustainability into their curriculum