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Three Practices to Make Your Campus Plans a Reality in 2018

Jerrid Kalakay is an ideas guy. Two years ago his ideas led him to emerge as a key player in sparking a deeper changemaker culture across Valencia College.

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Creating a Better Quality of Life with #SustainableValencia

What is sustainability? Most people think it is just a new way of talking about environmentalism, energy savings and recycling (and Valencia already does a great job with those things), but sustainability is much more than that. Sustainability is a new way of looking at our community and our world.

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A New Direction for Sustainability

Education for sustainability has been growing organically at Valencia through the good work of our faculty, deans and staff. The volume of effort and commitment at the grass-roots level calls for a new direction and renewed commitment to Valencia’s sustainability efforts. To this end, a new position of Director of Education for Sustainability has been created, and we are pleased to announce that Resham Shirsat, formerly the Director of Sustainability, has accepted the position.

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Valencia Students Learn About Sustainability in the Workplace

Many people think of sustainability as an environmental issue, but the money that can be saved by conserving resources is quickly making sustainability an important part of running a business. That’s one of the reasons Valencia will launch an energy management and controls technology AS degree in fall of 2018.

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